15 December 2010

Started work on AirSpace.

01 March 2009

GeoPS gets the website upgrade that Human Software had last week.

18 May 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 is available for download.

4 April 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 Beta 1 is available for download. This version adds Flarm support


GeoPS allows the user to communicate with a GPS Logger. Various types of loggers are supported

  • Get information from the logger.
  • Get a directory of flights, recorded by the logger.
  • Download one or more flight-logs from the logger.
  • Download Routes and waypoints if they are stored in the logger.
  • Create, modify and delete Routes and waypoints.
  • Use drag and drop to create your own Routes.
  • If the logger supports that: Upload routes and waypoints to the logger.
  • Download the Declaration from the logger into your Macintosh.
  • Modify the declaration.
  • Upload the declaration to your logger.
  • Import waypoints from a dbt file or a .cup file, like from Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange
  • Export waypoints and routes
  • Distances (and length of Routes) are calculated using the Vincenty algorithm, which offers extremely high accuracy.
    The routine for this used by kind permission from Chris Veness.
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