15 December 2010

Started work on AirSpace.

01 March 2009

GeoPS gets the website upgrade that Human Software had last week.

18 May 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 is available for download.

4 April 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 Beta 1 is available for download. This version adds Flarm support

Supported loggers:

Volkslogger has been supported as of version 1.0 Beta 1.

  Colibri supported as of GeoPS 1.1.0.
  LX 20 is supported as of GeoPS 1.1.2
  LX 5000: Partially tested; no problems found.
  LX 700x: Partially tested; no problems found.
  SDI Posigraph

Flarm is supported as of GeoPS 1.2.0.

Other loggers may be supported in the future ...

Are you a Logger Manufacturer?

As GeoPS is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for Logger software on the Macintosh, GeoPS should support every logger on the market.
If you are a manufacturer of GPS loggers for Air sports, you can easily make sure that your logger is supported by GeoPS.
Please send me a logger and the specifications and/or source code in any programming language and I will do my best to include your logger into GeoPS. Please use the Feedback page to contact us.

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