15 December 2010

Started work on AirSpace.

01 March 2009

GeoPS gets the website upgrade that Human Software had last week.

18 May 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 is available for download.

4 April 2008

GeoPS 1.2.0 Beta 1 is available for download. This version adds Flarm support

System Requirements

  • Any Apple Macintosh that runs Mac OS X. (PowerPC or Intel)
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
  • The application is about 1.4 MByte in size; the download is 445 KByte. Therefore you'd need a bit of space on your hard drive to store that and a couple of IGC files.
  • A serial port (Usually a USB - Serial converter).
  • A supported logger.

USB-Serial adapters that work with GeoPS

I expect most, if not all USB-Serial adapters will work with GeoPS, but the following were tested by GeoPS users:

  • USB_G4 (with conveniently short 4" wire for portable use) Warning: Drivers only support PowerPC Macintosh
  • Sweex USB serial adapter KB100021
  • Keyspan High Speed Serial Adapter USA 19W and USA 19HS

If you tested another adapter, please mail me so I can tell other users what you found. If you want me to test an adapter, please contact me and I will do my best.

Drivers for Serial Adapters

A list of drivers for Serial adapters is placed on this website for your convenience. This list is not intended to be complete. An attempt is made to keep the list up to date.


Keyspan offers many types of USB - Serial adapters.
Drivers can be downloaded here. v2.5 [Universal Binary - Works native on Intel Macs]


Prolific produces USB - Serial adapters, but they also sell the chipset to other manufacturers. The Prolific chipset can be found in adapters from Sweex, UIOGear, USBGear and probably many more.
Drivers for USB Serial adapters that have the Prolific chipset can be downloaded here.


MCT manufactures a chipset that is used by the USB_G4 adapter. Drivers for this chipset only work on Macintoshes with the PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processors. The Intel processors are not supported. Please mail to request Intel Mac support. Please contact me if you need the PowerPC drivers for this converter.

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